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Inspired by Ancient Greek mythology, the Golden Tear necklace promises to bring you endless luck!

As the myth says, Apollo was a very beautiful man. All women were impressed by the god of light, but the woman he was craving for was not interested in him.

Apollo fell in love with Daphne, one of the Nymphs on the side of Artemis’ twin sister. He was faithfully following the hunting goddess and despite her father’s pressures to marry, she was unfaithful. Daphne was very beautiful and had many accomplishments, but she did not deviate from Artemis’ life. In vain Apollo tried to conquer her. Every day he was chasing her in the woods and expressing her feelings to her. But the young woman did not succumb to his charm. Daphne became a tree to escape the desperate love of Apollo.

Apollo’s persistence began to tire Daphne. When she realized that she would not easily get away from Apollo, she asked for her father’s help. Pinios made the gift and, in collaboration with Gaia, transformed Daphne it into a nutty tree. Her legs were rooted to the ground, her hands became branches and her hair a fragrant leaf. Apollo was so upset at the sight of the tree that he lost his beloved. He cut one of his branches and put it on his head. The tuft of laurel became the beloved tree of God. The luminous god, as an indication of his love, established the plant to be a sanctuary and a symbol of worship.

The laurel became synonymous with peace and was used to crown the winners of sports events. Apollo’s unfulfilled love for the nymph, according to legend, was the revenge of young Eros on Apollo. Eros was annoyed by Apollo at a meeting they had. To punish him, he sent the golden arrow of love to Daphne with another pencil. So Apollo lost his love for Daphne, but she didn’t feel anything because her heart had become a stone! The heartbroken Apollo cries golden tears in memory of his first and only love. The golden tears give mortals a brief second of luck. He cries gold tears of sorrow and luck, which are the oracle’s philosophy.

From this romantic but tragic story we created the Golden Tear necklace that features 18kt gold plating and represents Apollo’s tears.


925 sterling silver
18kt gold plating
Exclusive Brand engraving


40cm length (extendable by 5)

Offered in our premium packaging.